I’m a slacker! Hoo!

October 11, 2007

Yush, it’s true .. it’s been 5 days since i’ve written.  I am a slacker .. spank me .. rofl!  School is going amazingly well. I’ve been keeping up with my homework, getting good grades, and keeping up with my studies also.  I’ve made new friends and later we’re going on a field trip for our DADA class.  I’m pretty excited for that.  Ly and I are still the best of friends and we grow closer everyday, it’s weird to think of what i’d be doing with out him.  Theo is also becoming one of my close friends too, so that’s pretty awesome! I haven’t been to any party’s in the past week, doesn’t that stink.  I’ve been playing alot of slingo.  I lose money, but the game is fun and it passes time.  I’m going to go now, and find something to do, just wanted to post and keep everyone up to date!  See ya!!


A Case of the Sniffles

October 5, 2007

Ok, so i’ll blog while Ly is out shopping.  As I said in my post four days ago, I was rather upset with him.  Later that night, we sat and talked, and everything is better now.  Which is a good thing because I REALY didn’t want to be mad at my best friend!  He helped me with my DADA homework and I got three points for it (yay!)  I still haven’t recieved my History of Magic homework back, and last night our potions teacher said only three students turned in their assignments (I was one of them) and he was going to award points for our efforts 🙂  Wed. afternoon I went to Danny’s dj set which was also a mini party for Shakes!  Yay!! Happy b-day to Shakey.  Last night, I went to a party for a girl named Silvie, she turned 17.  It was fun.  *yawns* I’m kind of sleepy now still though.  Too much partying and staying up late, hehe.  I think i’m going to go nap while Ly’s gone.  Byebye!

OK! So, it’s all fine and dandy for Ly to post in his blog that “he asked a cute girl to the dance and she said yes” and be all excited for it .. but I say I ask Mel .. and get a ration of crap .. What the hell is that shit?!?! .. that’s like totally double standards!!! *shoves some stir fry in his mouth and grumbles some more*  One – I’m going to the dance with Mel as a friend .. because she’s a nice girl and really one of the only people I know at school so far, Two – The dance WILL be awesome becuase it’s host by Slytherin (of course!)  Three – I WILL have a good time and I WILL NOT let something thats as double standard as this bother me .. *shoves more stir fry in his face and mumbles again* NOW I have to get ready to goto herbology class .. and finish my stiry fry of course .. see ya

 ((Theo said .. I should write that I kissed a boy named Ron .. but Ron just .. doesn’t do it for me .. so if I was to kiss anyone .. it would be Harry <333))

Meh, updates.

October 1, 2007

Ok, so I told myself, I was going to write in this everyday.  I have obviously lied to myself.  But, anyways,  things in my neck of the woods have been going amazingly well.  Classes are fun, I turned in my first homework assignment, Herbology is tonight (love that class).  Ly’s sister took a couple pictures of me and made it look really nice.  I asked Melyodi to the October Slytherin dance and she said yes, so i’m pretty excited for that.  I don’t know what to wear or anything, but shes wearing green, so i’ll go with that.  Over the weekend, I was pretty much really lazy and just sat around with Ly, which isn’t all that bad.  Last night, we were supposed to goto Care of Magical Creatures class, and they switched the rooms around.  So, I walked into the wrong class room, and felt so stupid!  Finally, I had found the right room (almost 5 minutes late) but the professor was really nice and excused the lateness because of the room mixup.   My friend Bobby will be djing at Aspen soon, i’m excited for him, but i’m sad because I can’t make it to his set.  I know he’ll do well though!  I don’t know what else I want to write, so when I think of something i’ll post again.

Busy Boy!

September 28, 2007

*yawns* I’ve been so busy, I totally forgot to write! Now let’s see where to begin.  Oh yes! I got my poseball that sl ate on me, the maker even gave me another one for free, so yay me! School is going really well, I’ve had 3 classes so far, and two gave me  homework assignments.  I have no idea what i’m going to write *cries* Headmistress Pan threw a moon festival garden party on wed. night.  I went and had alot of fun talking and dancing with the girls, hehe.  Yesterday, after my class in the morning, I went and hung out with Ly again.  We went fishing and cuddled.  Then he took me to this really cool store with tons of pillows that have cuddles in them.  I could have bought the whole store!  I only bought two though, as i’m a little short on cash, and we took it home and cuddled some more until it was time for our potions class.  We had a sub for that class, but I learned a lot.  We talked about the difference between potions and wand spells, and named some we knew (which I knew none of ^^;;).  After class, I went bathing suit shopping for my friend Natasha’s birthday pool party.  I got a green suit with white hibiscus flowers on it (I looked rather cute, if I might say so).  The party started at 8 and went on for hours, we had so much fun dancing, talking, and making fun of gryphindor’s house (haha!).  I met a lot of people there also, which is good because, now I know some more people and don’t  have to feel so alone anymore.  I’m going to go work on my homework now. *mumbles under his breath “stupid schooling”* Ta Ta for now!

Mini-Update Day

September 26, 2007

Well today was mini-update day, and suprisingly they were finished on time.  Let’s see how much they botched this time!  Anyways, I got my ears fixed!  The girl from Hybrid sent me a new set, and they worked so yay! Happy Eli!  I’m still a bit sad though, I was spending time with my best friend Ly and we went pose ball shopping.  The place we were at had some horrid lag, it took my $250 and never gave me the set!  So, I sent a message to the creator, but no response yet.  I’m hoping they get back to me soon.  After that, Ly and I went back to my house and cuddled.  It was nice and comfy.  I enjoyed it much.  We just sat there talking about things and playing out TE games.  Later on that night, we went to a few stores shoe shopping for me.  I found a pair but they make my feet look big and the girls ones were too small.  Sad Eli 😦  After the shoe shopping adventure, I took him over to Hogwarts so he could sign up for classes and showed him around a bit.  Then, I ran into Melyodi *blush* and talked to her too.  We were going to goto the 3 broomsticks and have a butterbeer, but she had to do some other things instead.  Sad Eli again 😦  Hopefully, she will be able to do something soon.  Welp, I’m going to go fish now. Bye!!

Second Post!

September 25, 2007

Hey! People commented! Horray!! So, last night I had my Herbology class, which was rather interesting.  There were about 5 of us there, but at least 3 of us were Slytherins.  After class, I went and wandered around some japanese sims and the grim babies sim with my mother, before finally saying “i’m tired and need sleep”.  I was going to go home and idle my TE game, but SL was being evil again and not letting me tp, so I just logged out.  Today, so far, I haven’t been very productive.  I went to Hybrid and bought Neko parts.  I’m rather angry though, because the one ear is “missing from the data base”.  I sent the maker an IM asking if she could replace it for me, other wise i’ll be REALLY angry.  Then after that, I went to show Danny what they looked like.  Danny said I could just shrink the large ears i’m wearing now, but i’m not very good with things like that.  So, we’ll see what happens.  After that, Danny had to go eat dinner so I left him to go fishing.  Sadly, thats all i’ve been doing since about 10 am this morning.  I’m such a loser!  If anyone else has any tips on things to do, please send them my way! Thanks!